Digital and Film

Digital photography has made huge advances during the past few years. You can instantaneously see the images on the LCD and download them to a computer to view them at full size. This has simplified photography exponentially. With editing software, you can do a lot of effects and editing that used to take many hours of labor in the past. With the boon of digital photography, film photography seems to becoming a lost art which is a shame. That is why I decided to dedicate this page to the purest form of photography and the most difficult to master... the art of black and white film photography. There are many things here that also can be used to enhance your digital endeavors. Although this is a basic overview of B&W film photography, hopefully some of the "old school" knowledge can help you in the new world of photography. If you are interested in learning more in depth, I highly suggest you read "The Negative" and "The Print" by Ansel Adams. Thank you for taking the time to view my first and foremost passion in photography.